Are You Living Your Brand or Living a Dream?

Studies have proven that profits increase when companies move from “talking about” their brand to “living the brand.”

What exactly does this mean? What does it entail?

According to the Customer Experience Impact Report from Harris Interactive, 73% of respondents say it starts with your employees.

Employees who reflect your corporate culture or who “live the brand” inspire customers to return, do more business with your organization and grow your bottom line.

Based on this data — your new marketing materials, advertising campaigns or website in and of itself does not build a brand. It’s only when these vehicles are blended with compelling and consistent conversations customers / prospects have with your employees that your brand can come to life.

So how do you get employees to “live the brand?” It starts with corporate messaging infusion training that empowers your employees to embrace your story (who you are, what you do and the value you deliver). It also includes a formal process of educating all employees so they clearly understand how your message plays a role in what they do each and every day. This is not a one and done proposition. It requires the unwavering commitment from the executive team, marketing department and leadership across the organization.

So, don’t just talk about your story — infuse it — by conducting formal training and education programs that enable your employees to internalize and personalize it.

Only when this happens will your messaging become more than just words on paper and become a competitive weapon.

In the end, only those companies that invest in and follow a disciplined messaging infusion process will truly reap rewards. Increased profitability, customer retention, and new business opportunities … just to name a few.